Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds


Long Way Down

“Don’t Nobody believe nothing
these days
which is why I haven’t
told nobody the story
I’m about to tell you.
And truth is,
you probably ain’t
gon’ believe it either
gon’ think I’m lying
or I’m losing it,
but I’m telling you,
this story is true.
It happened to me.
It did. It so did.”  

Reynolds, Jason. Long Way Down.  Atheneum Books, 2017. 306                                                      pages. Hardcover. $17.99, ISBN 978-1-4814-3825-4

Will’s brother Shawn has just been shot and killed when this novel in verse begins.

In Will’s neighborhood, you live by 3 rules. Number One – No Crying. Number Two – No Snitching. Number Three – Always Seek Revenge.

Will, determined to follow the rules,  gets his brother’s gun and heads out to seek revenge.

But the next 60 seconds – the 60 seconds that Will spends on the elevator – will keep you reading – for sure. On each floor, a new visitor gets on the elevator – a person that Will knows – but that Will knows is dead.

Intense. Riveting. Thought provoking. Eye Opening. A must read.


You have to see this interview with Gayle King! Jason gets a call from Queen Latifah 🙂

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A Newbery Honor Book
A Coretta Scott King Honor Book
A Printz Honor Book
Longlisted for the National Book Award for Young People’s Literature
Winner of the Walter Dean Myers Award
Parents’ Choice Gold Award Winner
An Entertainment Weekly Best YA Book of 2017
A Vulture Best YA Book of 2017
A Buzzfeed Best YA Book of 2017


Jason Reynolds 2017

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Turtles All the Way Down by John Green


Turtles All the Way Down

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“At the time I first realized I might be fictional, my weekdays were spent at a publicly funded institution on the north side of Indianapolis called White River High School, where I was required to eat lunch at a particular time – between 12:37 P.M. and 1:14 P.M. – by forces so much larger than myself that I couldn’t even begin to identify them. If those forces had given me a different lunch period, or if the tablemates who helped author my fate had chosen a different topic of conversation that September day, I would’ve met a different end – or at least a different middle. But I was beginning to learn that your life is a story told about you, not one that you tell

Green, John. Turtles All the Way Down. Dutton Books, 2017. 286 pages. Hardcover. $19.99, ISBN 978-0-525-55536-0

Review courtesy of School Library Journal:

“Gr 9 Up–Sixteen-year-old Aza Holmes first met Davis Pickett at “Sad Camp” the summers after fifth and sixth grades. Both Aza and Davis had recently lost parents and the kids bonded in their grief and fascination with the natural world. They’ve had little contact since then, even though they still live in Indianapolis, albeit in very different circumstances. When Davis’s billionaire CEO dad disappears on the eve of a fraud and bribery investigation, Aza’s best bud Daisy is intrigued, particularly since the police are offering a $100,000 reward for information about his whereabouts. The bright, talented girls worry about affording college and soon get caught up in solving the mystery. However, a lack of finances is just one of the myriad things, large (existential) and small (microbes), that Aza stresses about. She is living with debilitating anxiety and obsessive-compulsive responses to it. Despite years of therapy and meds, she works hard to function in the face of physically harrowing mental health challenges. When she reconnects with her childhood friend, the prospect of a budding relationship is at once thrilling and terrifying. As always, Green creates whip-smart and articulate characters who will charm, frustrate, and possibly annoy readers. While the romance is never fully realized, this is undoubtedly a love story. Aza is a likable protagonist and readers will be caught up in the claustrophobic, narrowing spiral that is her existence and root for her to gain control of her life. Her tough, brutally honest first-person narrative will leave teens battered and raw but will also show them that, with love, everything is possible. VERDICT A deeply resonant and powerful novel that will inform and enlighten readers even as it breaks their hearts. A must-buy.—Luann Toth, School Library Journal”

John Green Discusses his new book:
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John Green reads Chapter 1:

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