I Will Save You by Matt de la Peña

Courtesy of Amazon.com

Courtesy of Amazon.com

“‘I see me pushing Devon off the cliff.

Him in the air reaching, ricocheting off the ice plant cliff, hitting the sand, people circling his crooked body.

The grunion coming from the ocean.

Olivia crying in her hands.”

De la Peña, Matt. I Will Save You.  Ember, 2010. 306 pages. Hardcover. $8.99, ISBN 978-0-329-88994-4

I loved this book! I was rooting for Kidd throughout the entire book. But, this book had a twist I would not have expected in a million years. You’ll have to read it to believe it.

From Booklist (courtesy of Amazon.com):

“After running away from a group home, 17-year-old Kidd Ellison sets up camp at a beach, where he is put to work by Mr. Red, an aging surfer who runs a maintenance shop. Hardworking and handsome, if somewhat slow, Kidd begins to make friends with some of the camp’s teens, especially Olivia, a blond beauty who wears a ski cap that covers part of her face regardless of the weather. Then Devon, Kidd’s former best friend and nemesis, finds Kidd and threatens to destroy the peaceful life that he has fallen into. De la Peña has crafted a taut psychological novel that will both frustrate and fascinate readers. Narrated by Kidd, it moves from the immediate past and a possible murder to the present, then to the far past, constantly offering clues to the mysteries of Kidd’s sad and violent life. The intriguing, well-developed characters introduce themes of class and gender friction, creating a puzzling and sobering yet strangely hopeful book that will stay with readers. Grades 8-11. –Frances Bradburn –“

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Want to learn more about Matt de la Pena? Click Here for an interview with Matt de la Peña.



  • A Junior Library Guild Selection
  • ALA-YALSA Best Book for Young Adults and Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers
  • Finalist for the 2011 Amelia Elizabeth Walden Award
  • Named to 2012-2013 Texas High School TAYSHAS Reading List
Courtesy of mattdelapena.com

  Courtesy of mattdelapena.com

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