Framed by Gordon Korman

“‘We do trust you,’ Mom soothed. ‘It’s just that most parents don’t even go through this once. Our street is starting to look like the parking lot of the police station.'”

Korman, Gordon. Framed.  Scholastic, 2010. 234 pages. Hardcover. $8.99, ISBN 978-0-545-27081-6

Griffin Bing, “The Man with the Plan”, has a history of getting in trouble. Always in the name of “fairness” but still, he’s got a reputation. This time though, he didn’t do it. A Super Bowl ring, donated to his Middle School has gone missing from the school display case. It was replaced with Griffin’s retainer, making Griffin the prime suspect. What follows will keep you on the edge of your seat. There’s an appearance before the judge, a transfer to a JFK school, affectionately called “Jail for Kids”, a foiled plan with his friends to find out who the real thief is, an ankle bracelet that prevents him from leaving home, and much, much, more. Will the true thief be discovered? Will Griffin have to go to jail? You’ve got to read this one to find out.

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