True Story by Ni-Ni Simone

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“Slow down, Low Down. You might be cute and have a bright NBA future ahead of you, Josiah. But yo trill is all ill! How you gone’ say something like that? Zaire is re to the formed!”

Simone, Ni-Ni. True Story. Kensington Publishing Corp., 2013. 202 pages. Paperback. $9.95, ISBN 978-0-7582-8772-0

Seven McKnight, sophomore at Stiles University, is headed back to school after spending the summer with her new boyfriend, Zaire. Zaire is on his own, trying to pay his way through college working full-time while going to school full-time.

Seven’s ex-boyfriend, Josiah, is also a student and star basketball player at Stiles University. Josiah is very interested in getting Seven back but he cheated on Seven and that just isn’t something she can forgive.

Seven will be torn between spending time with her new boyfriend, wanting to enjoy college life with her friends Khya and Shae, and trying to deter her ex-boyfriend, who just happened to be her best friend from childhood.

I loved this story. It was funny but also dealt with some serious relationship issues. Read to find out how Seven handles these issues. Will she stay with Zaire? Will she get back together with Josiah? Or will she spend some time on her own?

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Gr 10 Up—College sophomore Seven McKnight has spent the summer holed up with her new man, Zaire. But when September comes and school is back in session, her former love, Josiah, is putting the full-court press on her. Who will Seven choose-reformed bad boy Zaire, with whom she shares a comfortable routine, or the ex who broke her heart? Readers will be caught up in the melodrama that swirls around the 18-year-old. Hilarious sidekicks and BFFs who simply want her to enjoy college life are with her every step of the way. Though some of Seven’s actions and decisions may be uncomfortable, her character is well drawn and certainly rings true as a teen trying on adult relationships for the first time. The book is filled with great banter among the characters and captures the spirit of life at a big city university. Teens will enjoy the latest chapter in this urban heroine’s story.—Elaine Baran Black, Georgia Public Library Service, Atlanta

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