The World Without Us by Robin Stevenson

HRS The World Without Us“The very first conversation I had with Jeremy was about death. It was back in September, the sky wide open and blue, the sun a hot white disk. I was sitting on the steps of the church across the street from the school, because there’s no smoking on school property – and I was reading Camus and rolling a cigarette when he sat down beside me.”

Stevenson, Robin. The World Without Us. Orca Book Publishers, 2015. 226 pages. Paperback. $12.95, ISBN 978-1-4598-0680-1

Mel, short for Melody, thought it was a joke, just for fun. Planning how they would die. Planning their suicide playlist. Deciding on their last meal. Mel didn’t realize what a dark place Jeremy was in until they were on the bridge. And then it was too late. She couldn’t stop him. Jeremy jumped. Mel wanted to live. She didn’t. Read this novel to find out the events that led up to the jump and what happened after? Can Mel live with the guilt that she should have, could have, done more?


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HRS Robin Stevenson

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