Stupid by Kim Firmston

“I’ve been trying not to buy into the label for years. Stupid. But when everyone calls you that, it gets kind of hard to keep denying it. How can I push away the word when every test I write barely crawls above a fifty percent? When red scrawls of pen remind me to make an effort, work harder, listen in class – and that’s all I’ve been doing?

Firmston, Kim. Stupid. James Lorimer & Company Ltd., 2014. 208 pages. Paperback. $9.95, ISBN 1-4594-0611-7

Martin has trouble in school – always has. Sometimes he pays his sister to do his homework. He has been trying to find ways to do better for years. The words just seem to float off the page and get jumbled around. No one realizes that he has a learning disability – especially Martin. He starts to believe that everyone is right – that he is stupid. His real passion though, is making movies. Things start to turn around for him when he meets Stick and his parkour crew. Martin starts filming their free running. They want him to use it to enter a video contest. He uses their running to visually show what it’s like to be in his brain. Things take a turn for the worse when his dad takes his camera and his film away. Will Martin be able to piece together the video without the part his dad confiscated? Will Martin have to go away to military school? Will this video help him to get the help he needs? Read this fast paced novel to find out.

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