Recruited by Suzanne Weyn

“Cool, Kadeem thought. I get to show what I can do right at the start. It’s my chance to make a great impression”

Weyn, Suzanne. Recruited. Darby Creek., 2011. 98 pages. Paperback. $7.95, ISBN 978-0-7613-6167-7

Kadeem, star quarterback at Southside High, wants to play football in college and then eventually in the pros. His grades are improving but not as good as they could be and he needs a scholarship. Things get exciting when college recruiters start showing up to watch his games. One in particular from Teller University is inviting him to parties, giving him money, and introducing him to an oh so hot cheerleader. Is all of this legal? Will Kadeem keep enjoying all the perks and accept the offer to Teller or will he do the right thing and help the NCAA officials with their investigation?

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