Unbelievable by Sherry Gammon


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Gammon, Sherry. Unbelievable. Wordpaintings Unlimited, 2013. 362 pages. Paperback. $12.79, ISBN 9781477594247

 “No trips down memory lane right now, ” I lectured myself softly. . “Daddy wants this done .”  And frankly, so did I. Once the revenge was complete, I could move on… And away, from Daddy and his influence.

This is Lilah’s mission when she arrives at Port Fare. She desperately wants to get this over with, so she can escape the hold her father has over her but can she do it? Her brothers were killed in this town by dirty cops according to her father. When she arrives though, nothing is quite the way her father described it. Are the cops, Seth and Booker, really dirty cops? What about her friendship with Maggie, Seth’s soon to be wife? And then there is the complication of her relationship with Cole, ER doctor, and best friend of the dirty cops. Will Lilah be able to carry out her father’s orders? Or will she break the hold he has on her?


This is the second novel in the Port Fare Series. You do not need to read Unlovable first but it is a good idea if you really want to get to know all the characters.

This is a self published book. The copy I read was one of the first hard copies printed. It is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. Perhaps the electronic versions have been corrected. Regardless, I love the characters and find the errors while distracting, not unmanageable.

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Read about Unbelievable  in an interview with Sherry Gammon.



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