Skinny by Donna Cooner

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Ever has been gaining wait since her mother passed away and now weighs 302 pounds. Skinny is the voice in her head that tries to hold her back but Ever is determined to lose the weight, get the man of her dreams, and sing the lead in the school play.

Cooner, Donna. Skinny. Point, 2012. 260 pages. Hardcover. $17.99, ISBN 978-0-545-42763-0

Ever is fifteen years old. Ever has a beautiful singing voice that no one ever gets to hear. Ever weighs 302 pounds. Ever has been gaining weight since her mother died. Skinny is the voice in her head that always tells her horrible things about herself, that tells her what horrible things others are thinking of her, that tells her she can’t do the things she wishes she could, that tells her she will never be loved.

The turning point for Ever is when her chair collapses on stage in front of the whole school while waiting to receive an award. After this, she decides to have gastric by-pass surgery. If she loses the weight, she can sing in the school play and she can have the love of her life, Jackson.

Follow Ever through the surgery and the year following as she learns some very important things about herself and her friends. Will she get the man of her dreams? Will she sing the lead in Cinderella? What about her best friend Rat? And what happens to Skinny?

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YALSA 2013 Quick Pick Nominee

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