No Boyz Allowed by Ni-Ni Simone

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Gem and Malik move into their third foster home of the  year. Follow Gem as she tries to adjust to her new home and school, reconnect with an old friend, connect with new friends and a very sexy new boyfriend, and learn some things about herself along the way.

Simone, Ni-Ni. No Boyz Allowed. Kensington Publishing Corp., 2012. 244 pages. Paperback. $9.95, ISBN 978-0-7582-4193-1

Gem is sixteen, her brother Malik is eight, their mother is a crack head and they don’t know who their father is.

“The moment the soles of my crisp white Concords hit the concrete and my brother and I stood in front of our new foster home – our third one this year, our umpteenth this lifetime- I knew this was destined to be a hot mess.”

Gem has a bad attitude, to say the least. She’s fed up with the system and trusts no one but herself. Who could blame her with all that she and Malik have been through.

Gem used to love basketball and she was good at it. She had skillz.

“Never mind that playing ball was the only escape I had. The only worry-free zone in my life… I had to skip all that and fast forward to my reality-which had no room for three point plays.”

So what happens next? Gem reconnects with her best friend Pop from years ago, joins Pop’s No Boyz Allowed Club where no guy can come between their friendship and goes to a new school. Do you think she can lose the attitude and connect with her new family? What about basketball, will she play? And then there is her new oh soooo sexy boyfriend, Ny’eem. Will he be a problem for the No Boyz Allowed Club? Read and find out!

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